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Africa topic coming to an end!

What a fantastic way to end our Africa topic today! Your African drumming was amazing today! Considering you only had an hour to practise, the end result was incredible. Well done everyone and a special well done to Manal, Kanye and Layla (George too from 3/4L), who showed a talent for African drumming! Photos and videos to follow soon!

Your African art work is also looking fabulous and our last session on Tuesday showed how much artistic talent we have in our class! Again, photos to follow soon and don’t forget our exciting Art Exhibition will be coming up too, so your parents can see your wonderful creations.

What a creative last week of term! One last thing…animal of the week is the Wildebeest! Purple Group for guided reading- you should be able to write about this animal!

Mrs. de Silva-Matthews


Africa Is a big contentment there is lots of  anamils in Africa did u know Africa is The 2 lagist Constant in the world i know the lion is so fast like a  cheter in the wild  it’s so fast ir can go as fast as lightning it is so good


lots of people painted lots of lovely paintings and Juan was star worker for painting a really nice painting of two monkeys in a tree at night.

And I painted a lion a grafs neck and love hart simbol  and I painted more to


           anna and elas

favorate animal

my favorate animals are a puppy, kitten, baby cub and monkey.


  • Chocolate is grown in africa on a thombrana cocoa tree!!!!!
  • my favorate amimal in africa is a baby cub.



  • africans like playing football.
  • in africa there are lots of diseases.
  • africans dont just live in africa they live in nigiria in africa.





Africa is a continent and the countries are Libya, Sudan, Egypt


Art is very fun.

In art they is nothing wrong.



First I got my T-shirt on then I sat on my chair after that I got my canvas and started to paint I used Red, Black, Orange and green. I took my my shirt of and I finished I was so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!