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Commonwealth Mascot Designs

Commonwealth Games

Now you know our new topic for our last term, get researching! What can you find out about this year’s Commonwealth Games? Where is it being held? When? Which sports take place? How many countries take part and how many can you name? Well done for designing your mascot for the competition! What can you find out about the mascot for the Commonwealth Games 2014? Mrs. de Silva-Matthews

british soldiers


ww2 facts

  • The MISS ME was an unarmed Piper Cub. While spotting for US artillery her pilot saw a similar German plane doing the same thing. He dove on the German plane and he and his co-pilot fired their pistols damaging the German plane enough that it had to make a forced landing. Whereupon they landed and took the Germans prisoner. It is unknown where they put them since the MISS ME only had two seats
    • Germany lost 136 Generals, which averages out to be 1 dead General every 2 weeks



  • in ww2 lots of people died
  • The first German serviceman killed in the war was killed by the Japanese.
  • 80% of Soviet males born in 1923 didn’t survive World War 2
  • From 6 June 1944 to 8 May 1945 in Europe the Allies had 200,000 dead and 550,000 wounded

did u know facts

  • did u know the war was cause because a groop of countrys had a very daindres fight so the children had to go some were else so thay did not die
    • The first American serviceman killed was killed by the Russians (Finland 1940).
    • 80% of Soviet males born in 1923 didn’t survive World War 2
    • The highest ranking American killed was Lt. Gen. Lesley McNair, killed by the US Army Air Corps.
    • Between 1939 and 1945 the Allies dropped 3.4 million tons of bombs, An average of about 27,700 tons of bombs each month.
    • 12,000 heavy bombers were shot down in World War 2
    • 2/3 of Allied bomber crews were lost for each plane destroyed
    • 3 or 4 ground men were wounded for each killed
    • 6 bomber crewmen were killed for each one wounded
    • Over 100,000 Allied bomber crewmen were killed over Europe
    • There were 433 Medals of Honor awarded during World War 2, 219 of them were given after the receipiant’s death

My holiday’s have been super cool . For a start , my family and I went to this  museum  of science and industry ,  and we went to blackpool in this

my favorate animal

my favorate animal is a cat/kitten/puppy.



Tigers are the biggest cat.

There are lots of different types of cats.